Cardiothoracic Surgery

ZHealth Consulting, like our Publishing counterpart, specializes in cardiothoracic surgery coding and reimbursement. This specialty area includes open surgical procedures performed on the coronary arteries and the heart. These procedures can be very complex, involving multiple vessels, cardiac chambers, and vascular systems. It is difficult to maintain coding proficiency due to annual CPT coding updates/bundling edits and the complex procedures, which may involve multiple vessels and surgeons with assistant surgeons.

Our physicians have an in-depth understanding of the scope of cardiothoracic surgical procedures performed and stay abreast of the current coding rules. This wealth of experience and knowledge is used to perform coding audits, outsourced coding, and on-site education for cardiothoracic surgery.

Cardiothoracic surgery procedures are some of the highest reimbursed – and most audited – outpatient services. One incorrect code can result in significant lost revenue and/or compliance risk. Do not wait for a payer audit to discover you are being paid incorrectly – contact ZHealth for more information.